Super Mario Time Attack

Super Mario Time Attack 1.0

Super Mario Time Attack, run and run and get a kiss from Peach
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Super Mario Time Attack is a colorful game in which as its name indicates, you have to play against the clock or else you'll face an eminent "Game Over" message.
The game is extraordinarily simple, even more than the original Mario since this doesn't have any enemies or cliffs. You'll see just some platforms that vary in vertical position from one to three floors, this platforms have several sharp spikes which are the only danger you'll face in the entire game, besides the time of course.

All you have to do is jump, avoid cannon balls falling from the sky, grab as many points as you can, and run around the small world to reach the end on which you'll find our beloved Princess Peach waiting for you, at that moment a familiar and melancholic song will play, the one we used to hear on the first and original Mario when the castle was conquered.

When you win a level a small bar will appear showing the remaining number of levels which are 40 in total, not counting some bonus levels. The last level is a bit more complicated since you have to remain "literally" untouched from Wario which will be your last enemy.

Jonathan Palencia
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  • Fun and entertaining
  • Teaches you to concentrate


  • Very disappointing if you loose too many times in a row
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